Creation: An Alternate Perspective

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2 min readApr 17, 2024
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The aim of human life was not to create but to cooperate with what was already created. So, humans were meant to cooperate with what already existed i.e. the nature and its elements. The point we got attracted to creation (and innovation), we gained packets of emotions (fear, anger, jealousy, love, gratitude, attachment and so on and so forth) and as a result EGO asserted itself. We looked at our ourselves within the limited realm of victors and losers. Gains and losses bothered us more. If our creation was successful, we relished the moment and tried to create more. If we lost, we were disappointed and angered and had another go at what we failed on.

Focusing on creation, created friction, and that friction progressively slowed our acceptance of reality. Our consciousness was submerged under a wild sea of emotions. The more we focused on creation, the greater became the misalignment with the universal consciousness. This misalignment is what we try to manage daily. A little correction makes us happy, and a small misstep causes us to fret.

Creation is thus not the solution to our problems but the core source of it.

Think climate change, pollution, lifestyle diseases, water scarcity, poverty, biodiversity loss etc. etc.; almost all problems are because humans wish to be a little bit more creative.

Knowing this can we stop? Absolutely not!! The answer usually is let’s “think outside the box” and be creative about the “problem at hand”. And so, we go on and on.




The Universal Post

Arunesh is the author of 2 books — The Migrant, A Biography and The Astrologer’s Curse. He works in the energy industry and loves writing and travelling.