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Your birth was unknown. Your parents were unknown. Your siblings were unknown. Your friends were unknown. Your first job was unknown. Your first car, house and other possessions were unknown. Even your pets (if any) were unknown. Your partner was unknown and so were your children. Your death will be unknown.

Future is unknown and even the past slowly moves into oblivion.

If so much is unknown, why fear the UNKNOWN?

You embraced all the unknowns because you didn’t think about them.

Can you do the same with the things you crave for?


Bad NEWS is : There is no better OPTION:)



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What is out there?

That we can’t see, can’t hear, can’t touch, can’t feel, can’t speak to and can’t fathom.

Does it exist? And, does it need our permission and cooperation?

Are we just another being trying to understand what is out there?



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This is not perfect, that is not perfect. It wasn’t perfect. We are not perfect. I cannot perfect it. Perfection eludes me.

Do not aim for perfection.

Perfection is a state which can exist at a point in time. Permanent perfection ceases to exist. Just like God, perfection is unreachable, unattainable and thus, not something to worry about.

I say again, “do not aim for perfection.” It will elude you. That is its very nature.

After all, when permanence in perfection is achieved, there is nothing more to achieve.



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Life is akin to a Novel. However, you can’t skip to the final pages. The end, the ending and the timing of it will always remain a mystery. You are not the author but the protagonist. Your novel may be boring and exhausting but the more enthusiastic you are in reading it, the more interesting it will become.



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Arunesh is the author of 2 books — The Migrant, A Biography and The Astrologer’s Curse. He works in the energy industry and loves writing and travelling.